Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chewing on YouTube

My girl human got me this really cool blue plastic bone with all these ripples in it; supposed to be good for my teeth. Not for eating, though. All part of the lower calorie thing they keep talking about around me.

But I didn't know any of this.

It wasn't until I nearly choked on a chunk that things clicked. She tried to get me to spit it out, but I swallowed it. It was pretty tasty. The human grabbed the rest of the bone and tossed it in the garbage while muttering something about not wanting to think about how I'll feel when it comes out my other end. What is that supposed to mean?

I decided to look on YouTube to see if any other dogs have a clue. Instead got distracted and found these:

Dog Bone Heist


Talking Dogs


If you haven't been on YouTube, you should take a look. It was really fun to see all sorts of things on there. It was great to see into the lives of other dogs. I try to get to the dog park a few time perweek, but when I'm lonely, I know I can see other dogs on YouTube! I think that is why streaming is so popular, it's really personal, ya' know. It's intimacy exposed. Hmmm, that could be the name of a band or something...anyway I want to go back on YouTube now and see what else I can find...Ciao.

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